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    RockAdapter foundation design

    Rev. April 25, 2017

    Video demonstration of RockAdapter concept

  • WindTecnique AS is a Norwegian company established in 1998.

    WindTecnique AS develop concepts for Wind Turbine foundations aiming for better technical solutions, economical optimising and reduced environmental impact. WindTecnique AS has cooperating partners for engineering project, delivering of foundation parts and civil site work.

    Classic RockAdapter is a welded steel adapter for direct fixation into solid rock ground, using very little concrete. Integrated tube tower flange connection.

    New RockAdapter is 2. generation RockAdapter with the same specifics as the Classic RockAdapter, but reduced steel material and no welding.

    StarFoundation is a soil foundation build from a combination of pre-fabricated concrete elements and in-situ concrete. Reduced concrete amount is the goal in areas where concrete is not easily available. A total insitu concrete StarFoundation is also a possibility.

    Adaptech RockAdapter is a typical gravitation foundation but with a pre-stressed tube tower mounting on top through the RockAdapter. The solution optimizes the concrete amount compared with a more traditional steel Can approach and is developed to fit a standard tube tower flange. The foundation can be seen as a substitution for the traditional steel Can foundation, but with a better performance using pre-stress.