About Einpart - Your Trusted Wind Turbine Parts Supplier


Einpart is your total supplier and specialized in supplying original and reconditioned spare parts, consumables, & special tools.

We strive to improve the current supply by using detailed methods of procurement in a very efficient and cost saving way to minimize downtime and production loss.

A Einpart Component Repair can save you 25 – 65% versus the cost of buying a replacement from the OEM.

Einpart provides repairs for virtually any Electrical & hydraulic component, including controller modules, motors, converters pumps, servo valves, valves, cylinders, actuators and power units.

Quality brands, innovative procurement, and excellent customer service

Einpart is a highly specialized company formed by experts working within the wind industry for more than 20 years. Our spare parts department, along with our knowledge of projects and operation and maintenance, is extensive.

We are focusing on spare parts, consumables & special tools supply for the wind turbine industry. Our headquarters is located in Fort Worth, Texas, USA, where we support the North American wind market. Innovation, accuracy and information are some of our core values that will ensure our clients supply will be a success. 

We strive to improve the current supply by using detailed methods of procurement based on relationships between the client and Einpart.

Wind Turbine Expertise

Quality Brands And Vast Product Range

Einpart Wind Turbine Parts Supply and Repair

Specialized Wind Turbine Accessories

Small Agile Team With Excellent Customer Service

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