alkitronic® – Reliable Wind Turbine Bolting Solutions

Wind turbines need to withstand high environmental impact. Many tons of weight must be held at lofty heights with absolute reliability. Especially under extreme forces or weather conditions, highly precise, wind-proof bolting techniques are crucial for success. The alkitronic® product range is characterised by complete system solutions for bolted connections in wind turbines.

alkitronic®  knows your applications and your wind turbine bolting processes best. alkitronic® offers you a range of services that leaves nothing else to be desired, from advice, over a wide range of products to the assembly documentation system. Whether on land or in the offshore sector.

  • Fast electric torque multipliers, for example for turbo-assembly applications
  • Compact hydraulic torque wrench, e.g. for azimuth gears
  • Efficient manual devices, e.g. for easy maintenance work
  • Devices for the torque-rotation angle process, which are ideal for the
  • assembly of rotor blades, for example

alkitronic® product brochure

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alkitronic® Applications

Wind Energy

alkitronic® Product RANGE

Electric torque multiplier

Hydraulic torque wrench

Hydraulic pumps

Manual torque multiplier

Mounting-Documentation-System (MDS)

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