Petzl – Wind Turbine Climbing Gear, Fall Protection, Safety

For more than thirty years, Petzl has been making products for climbing and lighting. Their focus has always been on safety, reliability, durability, and comfort. They now create and distribute millions of products globally, maintaining high quality. Petzl’s design process involves various disciplines like mechanics, textiles, electronics, optics, and computing. They test products rigorously, going beyond standards, ensuring reliability and safety. Quality control is maintained throughout production, with individual inspections. Petzl products come with a three-year guarantee.

Petzl Wind Turbine Climbing Gear, Fall Protection, Safety

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Petzl Applications



Tree Care

Rope Access

Fall Protection

Wilderness Rescue

Industrial Rescue

General Industry

Mountain Resort

Window Washing

Military & Tactical


Fall Protection

General Industry

Military & Tactical

Tree Care

Petzl Product RANGE

Petzl Rescue Solutions

Petzl Tree Care Solutions

Petzl CAD Professional Division Retail Price List

Petzl Window Cleaning & Building Maintenance Solutions

Petzl Fall Protection Solutions

Petzl USD Professional Division Retail Price List

Resort Solutions

Wind Turbine Access & Rescue Solutions

Tower Access & Rescue Solutions

Rope Systems | Technical Rescue

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