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TengTools Modular Tool Kits, Tool Boxes, Torque Wrenches and More

TengTools originates from a long Swedish tradition of world leading technology and user-centric design. They design durable modular tool systems for long-lasting use. Customize your toolkit from a wide selection of storage and tool sets, tailoring it to your industry needs. Save space and money by acquiring only the tools you need, effortlessly expanding your collection with fitting new sets.

Their commitment to quality guarantees the highest standard in every Teng Tools purchase. Easily replace worn-out or misplaced tools. Teng Tools empowers you to stay organized, enhance productivity, and work safely—an indispensable choice for professionals across various fields.


Tools from TengTools meet – or exceed – the demands in ISO, DIN and other international standards. As an extra security for you, their tools are offered with a guarantee against material and manufacturing defects during the normal lifetime of the product in question. Defective products covered by the guarantee will be repaired or replaced.

Benefits of choosing TengTools:

  1. Save Time: Quickly locate tools with a designated spot for each item.
  2. Increase Productivity: Efficiently complete tasks with a clear workspace organization.
  3. Improve Safety: Reduce accidents by ensuring tools are in designated places.
  4. Better Tool Longevity: Proper storage minimizes damage, ensuring tools last longer.
  5. Cost-effective: Avoid unnecessary tool purchases or replacements, saving money.
  6. Sustainability: Opt for long-lasting tools to minimize the need for replacements.
  7. Lifetime warranty: We offer a lifetime warranty across all TengTools products

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If you find any products of interest in our brochures, please contact Einpart for assistance with your order in the United States. (Some products may take up to 10 days to order and a minimum order value may apply).

TengTools Applications

Teng Tools modular tool systems are customizable for a wide range of applications and professional fields, such as:

Trades / Craftsmen

Mechanics / Automotive

Construction / Building

Workshop Tools

TengTools Product RANGE

  • Tool Sets
  • Tool Storage
  • Socket Sets
  • Sockets & Accessories
  • Torque Tools
  • Spanners & Wrenches
  • Screwdrivers
  • Bits & Drivers
  • Hex & Tx Keys
  • Pliers
  • Insulated Tools
  • Cutting Tools
  • Measuring Tools
  • Auto Tools
  • Service Tools
  • Air Tools
  • Tengtools Collection

TT Series:

  • Tool Kits
  • Tool Trays

FOAM Series:

  • Tool Kits
  • Tool Trays
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