Cresto Fusion Pro Twin-Flex Fall Arrest Lanyard 1602

Cresto Fusion Pro Twin-Flex Fall Arrest Lanyard 1602



Fall Arrest Lanyard 1602

  • CE and ANSI certified
  • Approved for 140 kg
  • Elastic webbing

The Fusion Twin-Flex H-A is a double fall arrest lanyard with flexible webbing and ANSI certified “12ft”, which can handle a user weight of up to 140 kg.

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A double fall arrest lanyard is designed to suit you who need to move when you work at heights. With double hooks you always have a hook anchored when you move with the other hook. This is to provide the optimum security on, for example, scaffolding, mobile platforms or industries.

Fusion Twin-Flex is manufactured as a flexible tube with internal elasticity, which allows you to stretch the line to a maximum length of 1.8 meters. At the beginning of the rope there is an external absorber mounted which is released in case of a fall. Unlike Energy Twin-Flex this fall arrest lanyard is ANSI certified and are approved for a user weight up to 140 kg. Between the absorber and the lanyard there is an aluminum ring to increase flexibility in use


  • General industry
  • Tower climber
  • Offshore
  • Wind energy

Attaching connector 1: ANSI and CE certified triple lock carabiner in aluminum

Attaching connector 2: Big ANSI and CE certified aluminum hook with 64 mm opening

Gate strength (kN): 16.0

Energy absorber : Yes

Fall indicator: Yes

Mechanics: Tear-webbing absorber

Maximum number of users: 1

Maximum load (kg): 140.0

Minimum working temperature (c): -40.0

Maximum working temperature (c): 100.0

Minimum breaking strength – MBS (kN): 25.0

Material : Polyamide, Polyester


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