Cresto Starter Kit 1


Cresto Starter Kit 1


A great kit for working at heights – Save $250 with this bundled deal

Tackle a variety of challenging environments with the Cresto Starter Kit 1, designed to cater to diverse segments including wind energy projects, pitch roof work, general industry, tower climbing, MEWPs, offshore activities, confined spaces, scaffolding, rope access and telecom installations.

Includes 1x each of:

  • Cresto Fusion Pro Wind 1138 Harness L/XL
  • Cresto Fusion Pro Twin-Flex Fall Arrest Lanyard 1602, 1.8m, 140 kg
  • Cresto STAY Support Work Positioning Lanyard 9654, 12mm, Red, 1.0m length
  • Cresto RESQ, PACQ Backpack/lift 9450, 48 liter


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Items included in the kit:

Cresto Fusion Pro Wind Harness 1138

  • ANSI/EN certified
  • Ergonomic
  • Optimal fit

Fusion Pro Wind is developed together with professionals in the wind power industry to meet the needs of wind power technicians. The harness distributes weight evenly throughout the body, which gives the user an ergonomic harness for work at heights.

Available Sizes: S/M, L/XL, XXL

S/M CRESTO-012200630

L/XL  CRESTO-012200640

XL/XXL CRESTO-012200650

Cresto Fusion Pro Twin-Flex Fall Arrest Lanyard 1602

  • CE and ANSI certified
  • Approved for 140 kg
  • Elastic webbing

The Fusion Twin-Flex H-A is a double fall arrest lanyard with flexible webbing and ANSI certified “12ft”, which can handle a user weight of up to 140 kg.


Cresto STAY Support Lanyard 9654 1.0m Length

  • ANSI and CE certified without adjustment
  • Strong against sharp edges


Cresto RESQ, PACQ Backpack/lift 9450, 48 liter

  •  Robust construction
  •  Good connection loops
  •  Ergonimic carrying system

PACQ Backpack/lift is a bag suitable for ropes and rescue equipment.



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