Danhydra GreaseManager High Flow 110V US ISO B

Danhydra GreaseManager High Flow 110V US ISO B


The Greasemanager Is Designed To Make Life Easier Up Tower When Performing Essential Maintenance.

  • Self priming double gear pump
  • Low voltage equipment
  • Automatic og manual operation
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Robust And Reliable Grease Pump (High Flow)

Easy To Use And Designed To Perform

The Danhydra GreaseManager is a durable, high-performing, portable filling unit optimized to stand up to the test of daily life in a wind turbine. A perfect solution for contamination free grease filling in direct WTG bearing and central lubrication system applications. The GreaseManager’s automated filling mode and the start/stop remote provides technicians with the freedom to complete other tasks while the grease pump is running. Simply load the grease cartridges, then specify the amount of grease and press start. It is light weight, easy to handle, and performs to the highest level.

  • No breakdowns due to false air in system due to patented Double Gear Pump Technology
  • Contamination free greasing system
  • Full EMC compliance
  • Highly visible screen with direct readout
  • Durable design for longevity in the field

Fast, reliable and easy to operate


High Flow variant output maxUp to 2300 ml. per minute
High Flow variant recommended maximum back pressureUp to 150 bar
Weight15 kg
Voltage48 volt architecture
Remote controlYes – both variants compatible


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