EMG 3209 Load-Rated Tall Bottle Bag (Orange)

EMG 3209 Load-Rated Tall Bottle Bag (Orange)


Tall bottle bag – Dual lifting option

This tall cylinder-shaped lifting bag can be folded to half size and be used and hoisted as a short bag. The bag is developed for gas bottles but can be used to hoist a variety of oblong objects.

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Color: Orange

Dimensions (open): 28 x 150 cm (Ø x H)

Dimensions (closed): 28 x 130 cm (Ø x H)

Lifting height: 140 cm

Material (main): D1800*900 PVC flat-coated material

  • The bottom of the bag is made from a heavy rubber coating to prolong
  • the lifespan of the bag.
  • The bag has handles mounted on the sides to ease handling.
  • The strong lifting straps are made from high quality polyiamide webbing.
  • Fold the top of the bag to half height for two new lifting straps to appear.
  • This option is ideal for hoisting smaller content like short gas bottles.


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