EMG 4389 Load-Rated Backpack with Lifting Option

EMG 4389 Load-Rated Backpack with Lifting Option


Backpack with lifting option

This top quality tool bag is developed with the high-climbing technicians in mind as it offers both the hoisting option aswell as a comfortable backpack solution. 4389 is perfectly constructed to fit personal and minor equipment aswell as laptop and lunch box.

Orange Tarpaulin Option is Water Resistant
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NOTE: This bag is only water repellent in the orange tarpaulin version.

Colors: Orange, Black

Dimensions (open): 33 x 20 x 46,5 cm (L x W x H)
Dimensions (closed): 33 x 20 x 46,5 cm (L x W x H)
Lifting height: 65 cm
Material (Orange): 0,75 mm Heavy tarpaulin
Material (Black): D1800*900 PVC flat-coated material
Spare parts: 6197, 6242

  • The shoulder straps are detachable and the bag has a compartment for hiding and securing the detached shoulder straps when hoisting.
  • The bag comes with 3 carabiners to prevent the zippers from opening during hoisting.
  • A small transparent pocket is placed on the side of the back via velcro. (for name tags or similar)
  • Reflection material is mounted on different locations of the bag for higher visibility.
  • The three main compartments are padded.
  • 11 smaller compartments of various sizes optimizes the inside of the bag.
  • It has a special compartment for a laptop.
  • The shoulder straps are padded to enhance comfort and adjustable to fit your preferences.
  • The inside padding of the bag is red in both versions.
  • The lifting straps are made from high quality polyester webbing.
  • The bottom of this bag is made from dotted PVC which is water repellent.


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