Teng Tools TEFXV11 Insulated Plier and Screwdriver Set

Teng Tools TEFXV11 Insulated Plier and Screwdriver Set


11 Piece 1000 Volt Insulated Plier (Side Cutting, Combination, Long Nose, Wire Stripping) and Screwdriver (Flat, PH, PZ) EVA Foam Set

  • Approved for live working up to 1,000 volts
  • Integrated protective insulation with two colours clearly indicate if there is any damage
  • A 100-250 volt tester is included for checking circuits
  • Tools are held in place using three colour pre-cut high-density EVA foam clearly showing where each tool belongs
  • Design to fit exactly in the TengTools service cases
  • Design and manufactured to DIN5264, DIN ISO 8764 and IEC60900 (EN60900)
  • Organised in a foam inlay module size 3 (FOAM3)
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Color: Red and Yellow

PLIERS: 6 inch side cutters, 7 inch combination, 8 inch long nose and wire stripper.

SCREWDRIVERS: 0.4 x 2.5mm, 0.8 x 4.0mm flat, PH1, PH2, PZ1, PZ2 and voltage tester (from 100 – 250 volts).

VDE INSULATED : Meets the requirements of the internationally acknowledged European EN 60900 standards for use in electrically live environments. Integrated protective insulation with two colours clearly indicates if there is any damage.

INDIVIDUALLY TESTED: Thoroughly verified by means of the impact strength, electrical, flame-retardancy, insulation adhesion and stamp tests.

EVA FOAM ORGANIZATION: Each tool has been scanned in a CAD CAM system with the tool’s exact shape cut out in a three-coloured EVA foam block. The top layer of the foam is black, the intermediate layer white and the bottom layer red, so that as soon as the tool has been removed its position is clearly visible in red. The size and or a description of the tool has been etched next to its position.

Width 425 mm, Depth 267 mm



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